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Hi My name is Kassondra.

I am passionate about helping others. I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and I reside in Atlanta, Georgia. I believe in God. I love to bowl, feed the homeless and help dreams come true with home ownership. It is important to me that I give back and that my life matters. Touching lives is what drives me. I am results driven so I share knowledge that is proven.

I am a #1 International Best Selling Author. I am a mortgage underwriter and processing manager. I have been in the mortgage industry for over 16 years. I have experienced life events like divorce, job loss, bankruptcy and foreclosure. I know what it is like to struggle and rebuild your life, credit and opportunities. If my transparency and vulnerability can help one person achieve their dreams then the life challenges I have gone through are worth it.

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#1 International Best Selling Author

Filing for Bankruptcy or thinking about It? If so, READ THIS BOOK FIRST!

Bankruptcy Didn’t Break Me! is your complete guide to rebuilding your life and credit after a bankruptcy, written by a 17 year finance expert who was once in your shoes. Bankruptcy can be overwhelming, stressful and make you feel hopeless. This book was written to help navigate you through the bankruptcy process and help you recover quicker so you can start enjoying life again. Starting over is never easy – just ask the author Kassondra Lewis who went through her own painful bankruptcy journey and came out of it stronger than ever. Her story will help motivate and inspire you and remind you that bankruptcy is only a small bump in a very long financial road!

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What People Are Saying

BANKRUPTCY DIDN'T BREAK ME: How to Learn the Keys to Success to increase your credit scores by Kassondra R. Lewis is a short guide that will help you get your life back on track if you are having financial difficulty. The great thing about this book is that the author herself has experienced hard times, but managed to put her life back together.With her positivity and common-sense approach, you too can change the course of your life and avoid and recover from various financial hardships. As a mortgage underwriter, Lewis knows her stuff and gives you actionable steps to take to improve your credit score, recover after bankruptcy and much more. Highly recommend for a quick read and one that could change your life.

Bankruptcy Didn’t Break Me is about one woman’s journey out of bankruptcy and into a good credit score. There is not a lot of new information here, but it is concrete, dense, and an extremely helpful, quick, guide to what you should do should you ever find yourself in foreclosure or filing for bankruptcy. This book will definitely help anyone trying to sort out their life after a bankruptcy and set them on the right path to a quicker recovery. It’s never easy, but this book certainly lays out a path that is followable and can lead to real-world, meaningful results.

BANKRUPTCY DIDN’T BREAK ME: How toLearn the Keys to Success to increase your credit scores by Cassandra Lewis.This book is the way the author shares her experience about the subject; not only she has been there, in bankruptcy but she is also a mortgage underwriter, that is the person that reviews people when they apply for a loan, so she is an expert in the field. The book is a way for her to help people to recover quicker from events like foreclosure and bankruptcy. She shows the reader how to make a plan for recovery, how the credit score can be increased; how to qualify for a home mortgage, and all the facts about bankruptcy, making with all these subjects a perfect plan to overcome any of these events in our lives. The book is short, clear, and easy to understand and follow, the examples are very useful and I think anyone that is passing by something like this must read this book.

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